Expert Reserve Services, Inc



Client Promise

Expert Reserve Services is a Florida based,
family owned and operated company.

We pride ourselves in that our business has thrived for over 20 years by offering our clients a professional product and service at a competitive price.

We takes our commitment seriously & appreciates the confidence and faith that our clients place in us. To that end, we make the following promise:

  1. We will strive to provide you with the professional and personalized service that you deserve at a competitive price.
  2. The on-site Specialist will be the person who processes your report. No having to deal with several different people who ask you the same questions over and over.
  3. The Specialist who is assigned to your Association will be thoroughly trained and certified to conduct both the on-site visit as well as process your report.
  4. All emails and phone calls will be returned within one (1) business day by either the Specialist assigned to you or by a corporate officer of Expert Reserve Specialists. Our clients are far too important to have their questions or concerns put off or ignored. We will make sure the person who contacts you back will either have an answer for you or will be in a position to provide you with one quickly.