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I am an independent insurance agent insuring all types of commercial property and have been doing business with Expert Inspectors Incorporated of Ormond Beach Florida (as) our main source for Windstorm and Hailstorm coverage in Florida. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has been requiring one hundred percent replacement cost appraisals for all new business as of 2004 when Florida experienced four hurricanes in a matter of between three and four weeks. Prior to that as an independent insurance agent appraisals were never required but after the 2004 hurricanes, thousands of claims were settled and it was evident that the vast majority of property owners were underinsured and in many cases the construction was not accurate. Anytime I call for a price and availability on a particular property I get it immediately as well as from one to three different days and times the appraiser is available. I also receive an emailed copy of the appraisal and the client is also sent one by regular mail with colored photos. One time as a favor the company stopped by a property I was working on to verify the construction at no charge. The owner offered to do it just because he happened to be in that immediate area on a particular day and as a result I wrote the account. They are also responsible for me writing many other accounts because of their availability, efficiency, and professionalism.
Paul William DiFerdinand
Insurance Producer
Town & Country Insurance Agency, Incorporate
1525 Herbert St Port Orange, Florida 32129
We hired a local appraisal company to conduct a ‘Replacement Cost Valuation’ on our resort. It took them over 3 weeks, but we got the report and forwarded it to our insurance company. It was immediately returned because it was not the type of report that was required for insurance. The appraisal company said that what they gave us was the ‘correct’ way to do the report. Our insurance agent, Larry Hagar, contacted Expert Inspectors for us to do the valuation the correct way. They came out on the property, did the inspection and turned the report around in less than a week. It was what the insurance company wanted, and their services were much cheaper than the first company.
Mike Simpson
Banana Bay Resort, Key West
Expert Inspectors provide their customers with outstanding customer service, honesty and great prices for the services the company provides. They understand the value of customer service and building relationships with their clients. Our office has been using Expert Inspectors for years and Dave is like family. He goes above and beyond quality customer service. This company is always there to answer my phone call or email with any questions I may have. Whenever our office has a client that needs a report completed, Expert Inspectors is who I suggest they call. They’re trustworthy and genuinely care about their clients. Our office highly recommends Expert Inspectors for all your residential and commercial inspection needs.
Autumn Scarsella
Commercial Account Manager
Smith & Associates Insurance Agency Inc.
508 Canal St. New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
We are a 40 building apartment community located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The insurance carrier that was covering our buildings increased our rates dramatically upon renewal. Our Agent reviewed what they had for our coverage limits and recommended that we have an insurance valuation done to determine what the amount should actually be to insure the complex. When we received the report, it turned out that the buildings were actually insured for almost 20% more than they should have been. By changing the amount of coverage to the correct amount, the insurance premium dropped by over $17,000 per year. Having the insurance replacement valuation done was well worth the investment. We saved many times the cost in just the first year. It is good to know that we are no longer paying out more money than we need to and now have the correct amount of insurance coverage.
Regal Trace Apartments
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
One of the more established RCV production valuation companies we worked with recently had under-insured one of our insured’s scheduled property by almost 50 percent than what it should have been. Since we as agents rely on these reports for accurate insurance coverage limits, it came as a shock when our insured realized a $200,000 under-insured structure loss. Suffice to say accurate replacement cost valuations are a critical complement to insurance. Sticking with those firms (Expert Inspectors) that take the time in doing it right and who know the codes is part of what every decision maker should demand to insure their property adequately.

Mike Mort

Insurance Office of America (IOA)

The Board of Directors would like to thank Expert Inspectors for the attention to detail and professionalism in preparing our Insurance Valuation and Wind Mitigation reports.

We Would highly recommend Expert Inspectors!

In the performance of our inspection, it was discovered that our insurance provider had grossly miscalculated the value of our condominium. This impacted us financially in a very negative manner. It was due to Dave’s attention to detail in asking questions regarding our current policy that this situation came to light.

Expert Inspectors has helped in saving our Association THOUSANDS of dollars!!

Earl Smith

Treasurer, Starboard Light Condominium Association, Inc.
I’ve been recommending Expert Inspectors since around 2009. They have always delivered fantastic service and quality inspections, which means a lot to our Agency and our clientele. Great people, superior service.

Victoria Melton Pegues

Stone Key Insurance
This company provides a valuable service to residential and commercial properties. Making sure their clients have the proper amount of insurance to to replace their property in the event of a loss. Highly recommend.

Greg Schmidt

New Light Media Productions LLC

Great service, great customer service and great price!

Adriana Albanese

AA Properties

He was a breath of fresh air. He was on time and gave me the report quickly.

Keith Ginsburg

Real Estate
Highly Recommended “They do a thorough job”

Sharon Carpenter

Oceanbreeze Properties, Inc.